Best Wood Flooring Options For Dogs

Due to its sturdy, durable and stylish nature, bamboo offers a unique wood flooring option that appeals to dog-loving homeowners. This material is among the best flooring for dogs because it’s strong enough to hold up to your four-legged friends while adding to your home’s style. Engineered wood flooring has gone to the dogs. Unfortunately, it is low on the pet-friendly list. Dogs and Hardwood Floors. Hardwood floors sustain the same use and abuse by dogs as carpeting or any other flooring, but: Hardwood Floors do not confine dog allergens, hair, dust or odor. New Floors? 5 Top Hardwood Options to Know. The Best Carpets for Pets and Their Owners. The Appeal of Bamboo Flooring. The Best Vacuums for Pet Hair. 8 Easy and Affordable Garage Floor Options. Best Value Wood Flooring. The best value wood flooring is oak. It’s a widely-available, durable material, which keeps prices down. Best Hardwood Floor for Radiant Heat. The best “hardwood” for radiant heat is engineered or bamboo. These products can be installed as a floating floor and are less likely to dry out.   Photo by Andrew Neel on Great for adding some real beauty and a touch of warmth to any space where it is used, hardwood flooring can become easily damaged by your pet dog’s down this type of flooring is an expensive option, more so than many of the other options .

Best Wood Flooring Options For Dogs

  The Best Flooring for Dogs Furry friends can wreck havoc on your floors. When you get a do-over (or start from scratch), select one of these top flooring options to spare yourself unsightly. If you’re set on wood, engineered wood flooring is the best hardwood flooring for dogs. It’s a little less fussy than solid hardwood and will still give you that gorgeous, classic look of real wood.

Cons of Hardwood Flooring for Dogs: Dogs may have trouble getting their footing. Engineered wood mimics the elegance of hardwood such as mahogany at a reasonable cost.

A couple of years after installation, your dog may create deep scratches on the floor and you'll need to contact a flooring pro to lightly sand and fix the problem.

Your dog will find engineered wood to be as warm and comfortable as solid hardwood. “What is the best hardwood floors for dogs?” – we get this questions quite often. Getting a new hardwood floor might not be the best idea if you have a dog at home, but there are still some options for owners of little pets (under pounds).

Hardwood floors materials. First of all, certainly opt for the hardest hardwood flooring materials. Vinyl Flooring – Durable, waterproof, easy to clean and relatively soft. Linoleum Flooring – Almost as good as vinyl and eco-friendly, but costs more. Cork Flooring – Hypoallergenic, less rigid than wood but can be damaged by dogs.

Bamboo Flooring – Quality bamboo is tough but not so comfortable for pets. Hardwood flooring – Hardwood flooring options comes in handy as wood flooring for dogs in a great variety.

Oak, Cherry, Mahogany and Bamboo are a few to be used as hardwood flooring for pet friendly houses. The quality of scratch resistance, and the varieties of colors and finishes and ease of maintenance are a few advantages of these types. Covering the floor with newspaper or pee pads is a makeshift solution, but if you're installing or replacing floors, you have limited options for Doggie-proof flooring materials.

Forget carpet and hardwood floors and instead choose waterproof -- or water resistant -- materials that are Doggie-friendly. Hardwood. Best Type Of Flooring For Dogs – ; Stop Your Dog From Running Outside; 5 Best Hardwood Flooring Reviews – ; Ok on the face of it, this option appears to be the very worst for dog owners especially if their dog pees and/or vomits a lot since it absorbs quite quickly. Tips For Dog Owners With Hardwood Floors.

A home improvement project would not be complete without a meticulous flooring selection process. You also have to consider your pet-friendly flooring options when choosing the right floor for your home. Of all wood flooring options, bamboo is by far the best thanks to its natural hardness, overall beauty and stain/scratch resistance characteristics.

Being a pet-parent comes with so many commitments especially if your pets are the occasional outdoor pets. Millions of Americans own dogs.

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These four legged family members are a joy, but they can also wreak havoc on your flooring. That’s why dog owners often opt for hardwood floors when building or remodeling a home. Hardwood floors are a good choice for dog owners because they are durable and easy to maintain.

Removing dog hair from your home is much simpler with hardwood floors since hair doesn. You probably want to know which hardwood flooring is best for dogs, as that’s what’s in most homes. However, hardwood isn’t really the best for pet owners. Wood floors and liquids are enemies.

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If your dog were to have an accident, your floor could be seriously damaged. Liquids can cause hardwood to stain and swell up. A matte or semi-gloss finish will be a much better option if you have a dog. Hand-scraped floors, on the other hand, continue to be a popular style choice and their texture works wonders for hiding scratches and dings that a dog’s nails can make in the wood.

Check out our earlier post for more tips about choosing the right hardwood for your dog. Bamboo is possibly the best flooring option for pet owners. It is an extremely hard surface, which means it will not scratch easily.

It is a durable surface. The material itself is sustainable. Laminate flooring is the best wood flooring for dogs to address this habit. However, your dog’s ability to walk on such a floor will be greatly hampered. Secondly, spills on such a floor can seep through the spaces between the wood planks reaching the floor underneath.

Wood flooring really is the best option for both you and your four legged friend, as long as it is manufactured with a hard wearing layer. The first major thing that you need to know when choosing a dog-friendly floor is to avoid softwood such as pine trees, aspen or fir trees and invest in hardwood flooring instead (mahogany, oak, maple.

Luckily, they have some options. T here are good choices for pet owners and poor choices.

Engineered Hardwood: Solutions For Scratch-Resistant

In this post, we will explore the best hardwood floors for dog owners. Skeptics might suggest that carpet or another material might be better for dog owners, particularly those with large or especially active dogs. The best DIY option is a floating floor in vinyl or engineered hardwood.

Rocky Mountain region residents love dogs. Your friends at MacDonald Hardwoods are often asked which types of wood flooring will fare the best with dogs. There are many suitable options available but there are a few rules of thumb that will help you select the best flooring for you. Choose Hardwood Flooring.

Dog urine can stain the hardwood leaving ugly smells and stains and, even if you clean up fast, there’s still a chance for the smell to persist and for the urine to seep into the wood. Hardwood flooring also scratches relatively easy and this can cause.

Purchasing Hardwood Floors. If you have any additional questions about what hardwood flooring is best for dogs and pets, don’t hesitate to call!

Our friendly staff is always happy to suggest flooring for your home. We have a huge selection of discontinued, overstock, and seconds at competitive prices. Out of all wood flooring options, bamboo is the best flooring for dogs and one of the most popular for pet-friendly homes.

Its natural hardness makes it more stain- and scratch-resistant than traditional hardwood floors. It is also naturally antimicrobial, which will keep your house free of mold and allergens. Hardwood flooring can be hard to maintain in a house full of pups. You have to keep nails short and knock on wood that no scratches appear.

Plus, you need to clean accidents immediately. But bamboo flooring, an eco-friendly option, is more resistant to stains and warping. Since it’s harder than most woods, scratches won’t surface nearly as. The dogs nails will dent the wood and gouge the wood, and in no time your perfect factory finish will look pretty banged up. What hardwood floor finish is best for dogs? Best Flooring for High Traffic areas in Bamboo Each product on my list of the top 15 best liquid wax for hardwood.

Any rating under is said to be softwood and anything above is considered hardwood. Your choice of hardwood will be more preferred in your home with pets. In fact, it will scratch-proof your floor from your pet’s claws. Try using distressed wood: Another good option for best flooring for dogs in the house is distressed wood flooring. Colin Haentjens, a dog owner, architect, interior designer, and owner of The Knobs Company, says his floors are wood imitation luxury vinyl tile (LVT).

The pros: The look of a wood flooring tends to be warm and welcoming, and most people can’t tell the difference between LVT and real wood.

One of the irritating behaviors of dogs is scratching your floor. Laminate flooring is the best wood flooring for dogs to address this habit. However, your dog’s ability to walk on such a floor will be greatly hampered. Secondly, spills on such a floor can seep through the spaces between the wood planks reaching the floor underneath.

Best wood flooring for dogs. Sometimes dog owners just focus on the messes their dogs might make and don’t think about them scratching up the floor. Things to consider when choosing the best wood flooring for dogs. Also, you may be forced to change a. But inside, laminate flooring is composed of synthetic material. So you get the decorative benefits of wood flooring without its downsides. (wood is known to respond poorly to liquid spills) Laminate flooring is also easy to clean and rarely stains, making it a good option for dogs that have yet to be house broken.

The Best Hardwood Floor for Dogs. By Jasey Kelly. Not all natural hardwood flooring options are the same. Some wood species are much softer than others; the softer the wood, the more easily it scratches and dents.

Laminate has a soft core covered with an extremely hard surface that is among the most scratch-resistant of the "wood.

Best Hardwood Flooring For Dogs: 4 Factors To Consider

  The best pet-friendly hardwood option is a harder species like oak or hickory with a distressed appearance and a tough Urethane finish that will help hide everyday pet wear and tear. Ultimately, at the end of the day, because hardwood is slick, cold, and prone to scuffs, it’s not going to be the best dog friendly flooring option. Help help One has an answer for pet friendly flooring. Like those above, I have 2 dogs that are aging and have accidents. I am looking for the best flooring to (be blunt) hold a puddle of dog pee for several hours without damage while I am at work. I have been researching with no . Pros: Although not really a wood flooring (bamboo is a grass), bamboo flooring has similar warmth and beauty. It’s a hard flooring but look for the best quality to ensure durability. As a grass, bamboo is a renewable resource and has some green credibility. Laminate Provides Dog Durability With the Look of Hardwood. Any of you looking for the best wood flooring for dogs would do well considering laminate products. The true standout with laminate is that it looks like real hardwood without having the heavy maintenance involved with the real thing. Owning a dog can certainly wreak havoc on real wood. 1. Claw Coverings. It is not always easy to trim your dog’s nail often. The best option is to cover them with a unique soft-nail caps that will not only prevent abrasions to your wood floors but will also enhance the safety of your dog by preventing him from slipping on a newly-waxed or polished hard floor and possibly injuring himself. For example, hardwood is consistently popular because of its warm, classic look, but it doesn’t hold up well to moisture or rough treatment. Here’s a look at the pros, cons, and costs of several popular types of flooring, as well as some ideas about which are the best flooring options for specific areas. 1. Hardwood.   Fortunately, there are plenty of hardwood floor options that are tough enough to support families who have children and pets. Best Types/Features of Hardwood Floors for Children & Pets. Pre-finished. Pre-finished engineered wood floors are the absolute best for managing households with children and pets.

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  The Challenge These floors don’t face the stress of foot traffic or the constant sunlight that can fade solid and engi­neered wood. Rather, the flooring threats in these rooms come in liquid form.   When choosing the best hardwood floors for dogs, you should also look for hardwood flooring with a high Janka rating. The Janka Hardness Scale measures a wood’s resistance to dents, scratches and wear. In other words, the higher the Janka rating, the more resistant the wood will be to scratches from your pet’s claws. Another option when. Among the best options for dogs there is hardwood floors, which offer maximum benefits. They provide a smooth, flat surface that is easy to clean, leaving no odor or residue. However, if you have a large dog with an obsessive desire to dig a hole, you might have to worry about your coverage, especially if your flooring is made of hardwood trees.   1. Tile and Stone Flooring. Water-resistant, stain-resistant, and easy to clean, tile and stone flooring can hold up to whatever your pet dishes is one of the best options when it comes to pet-friendly flooring. Tile and stone flooring works well for pets of all ages.   Bamboo is a great flooring if you have dogs. It is a popular choice because it is hard and more scratch resistant compared to other hardwood floorings. This flooring from Cali Bamboo costs $1 per piece. The wide T&G planks have a width of 5 inches, a length of 72 7/8 inches, and a traditional tongue and groove milling.   While hardwood, engineered wood, and bamboo floors are some of the most popular bare floors on the market, we don’t recommend them for bedrooms (or any other rooms) of pet owners. It’s not that they’re uncomfortable or likely to break down; . Vinyl flooring might be a better choice for dog owners. Dogs and Engineered Wood Floors Engineered wood flooring consists of solid hardwood sandwiched between sheets of laminate (see Dogs and Laminate). The top layer of finish on engineered wood flooring can be sanded down, and then re-coated, to repair dog scratches and other damage.